Visiting Old Friends

Springfield is home.

Ann Arbor is also home. I am spoiled to have more than one home. While I went home to see my Mom and make sure she was being pampered and getting better I also took advantage of being in Ann Arbor to catch up with some old friends.

On Thursday I went downtown to Pure Visibility and saw my old coworkers and dragged a few of them out to lunch with me at the Jolly Pumpkin.

Brent, Mary and Mike at PV

Mary, Barbra, Brent & Lauren at the Jolly Pumpkin
On Thursday night after Alex, Dad and I got back late from the hospital Alex and I went to meet up with Ben Root (Alex's friend since Eberwhite) and Becky (my friend) at the new Beer Garden, Bill's Beer Garden, in the parking lot space downtown behind Downtown Home & Garden on Ashley St (our old street). We had good fun catching up with them and running into more people we knew. In particular it was fun to meet some of Alexander's high school girlfriends who called him "piggy" for apparently being some sort of super-mooch. This gal told me a terrific story of Alex asking to borrow $2 when all she had was a $20 she gave him that. After he came back to the car out of the convenience store she asked for his change. Nope - it had all been spent - on toblerone bars - yup, that's my baby brother ;-).

Becky, Alex, Ben & Mary at the Beer Garden
On Friday before going to the hospital I swung by CitiMortgage - where I dutifully spent the first, post-college, seven (!) years of my administrative career before they let me go due to redundancies. One of my favorite projects while working at the mortgage company was working with my boss and the Ann Arbor Art Center to pick out artwork for the new building. We were given free reign and were able to pick out some pretty fantastic pieces of original, Michigan-made, art pieces. I took a picture of a couple of my favorites. I was happy to see that the most controversial, and also most expensive piece we picked out was still proudly hanging in the atrium of the building. :-)


Jana Andringa and Mary next to Art
After visiting old co-workers at CitiMortgage I swung by Ann Arbor Radio to say hello to the people I knew who were still working there and I picked up tailgate tickets for my Dad to get into the 107one tailgate party. For lunch I went out for sushi with an old friend, Frank Bennett, who I met while working at AAMG (presently CitiMortage). He still works for Xerox and happened to be working at the 777 building that day so I went up to his 10th floor office got a good view of Ann Arbor then we ate sushi and caught up.

Mary & Frank at Godaiko
After sushi it was time to make Kelly's Cookbook soups. Two soups were on my radar: the delicious Carrot-Ginger Soup and the always popular Debra Kelly's Apple Butternut Squash Soup. I had the help of my good friend, Jenn Cornell, who I met as she was the PR liaison for InterFirst and AAMG.

Mary & Jenn Peeling Butternut Squash

Backyard Shenanigans
On Saturday after spending the day at the hospital and tailgating I took the Megabus to Chicago where I unloaded and hopped in a cab to meet up with Anne (my sophomore year roommate) and her friends for dinner. After dinner we headed back to Anne's in-laws condo in the city where I met Angel, their new dog and got to have some serious play time with my God daughter, Maya Izidora.

Roommates Reunited!

Angel Chilling on the Sofa
 On Sunday before I had to fly out of Midway we took a walk downtown to Lou Mitchell's where we met up with an old college buddy, Tuna Atmaca, and his wife, Sinem, who happened to be in town from Istanbul for a training conference. Maya rode her  Big Wheel :-)

Anne, Kenny and Maya on the Big Wheel

Tuna, Kenny and Maya Sharing a Laugh

Mary, Sinem, Tuna and Anne


  1. Love the art from ABN-AMRO. those where the high flying days.

  2. Mary, boy-oh-boy, when you catch up with friends, you REALLY DO IT!! Wow. You didn't miss a beat. That's great.


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