Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago today I picked up Dan from his apartment on Fourth Street and we walked over to the Prickly Pear for dinner.

Nine years ago today we finished dinner with drinks at Alley Bar on Washington - it was deserted so we went back to Main Street for drinks at Conor O'Neills outside on the patio.

Nine years ago today we walked back to his apartment, I met his roommate, Alex and we talked Grand Theft Auto.

Nine years ago today with a trip to NYC to visit Cara two days in my horizon, all I could think about was when I could see Dan again.

Happy "Date-a-Versary" to an incredible man!


  1. Sweet! Happy date-a-versary, Dan and Mary. Annie and the rest of us are so glad you met.

    1. Thanks Sara! We're glad we met too :-)

  2. So Sweet! What a lovely memory - he is a great guy and you two are wonderful together :)
    xo Auntie Colleen

  3. Congratulations on your Date-a-versary! Sounds like it was a super first date.

  4. That is so romantic! thanks for sharing - you two have some sweet memories!


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